Switzerland: Half (49 percent) of all radio listening in Switzerland is now digital. Analogue FM reception continues to lose ground in all age groups and parts of the country. Mehr »
UK: 80 percent of new British cars were fitted with digital radio as standard equipment in the last quarter of 2015 compared with just around 61 percent the previous year. Mehr »
Switzerland: New DAB+ transmitters in the Upper Valais: 15 stations from well-known broadcasters have been on air since the beginning of the year, taking the current total for Switzerland as a whole to 90. Mehr »
Switzerland: Radio 1 and Planet 105 return to DAB+: The two Zurich-based radio stations can be enjoyed again on DAB+ in northern Switzerland from 1 March 2016.
Switzerland: Lausanne DAB+ island to go on air in December. Network operator Digris is planning to broadcast 16 radio stations on DAB+ for the first time in the greater Lausanne area. Mehr »
Europe: Representatives of British and German governments underscore their commitment and partnership to accelerate the growth of digital radio in Europe. Mehr »
Netherlands: Digital radio is increasingly popular among Dutch motorists. In the first half of 2015, sales of vehicles equipped with DAB+ doubled by comparison with the same period of 2014. Mehr »
Switzerland: The new DAB+ TV ad has been airing on SRG channels since mid-September. It shows everyday situations in which FM listeners are secretly eavesdropping on others enjoying radio via DAB+. Mehr »
Germany: Strong growth in DAB+ digital radio listening – 11 percent of the population now enjoys DAB+, including a particularly high proportion of 14-29 year-olds. Mehr »
Switzerland: A new study on digital radio reception reveals that 45 percent of radio listening in Switzerland is now digital. DAB+ accounts for just over half of this. Mehr »
UK: Over half of all UK households now has a DAB radio. Thanks to rising DAB listening, more than 40% of the population now enjoys digital radio. Mehr »
Switzerland: More and more vehicles are being fitted with DAB+, as a survey among the most popular car marques shows: DAB+ is now standard on more than 60 percent of new cars. Mehr »
Switzerland: 2-million mark reached! Digital radio gaining ground. Around 2 million DAB+ radios have been sold in Switzerland since the technology was launched. Mehr »
Austria: Digital radio is to be launched officially in the first half of 2017. A DAB+ pilot operation, featuring around a dozen stations, will begin in Vienna in the coming weeks. Mehr »
Norway: VHF to finish by the end of 2017 – Norway is the first country in Europe to put all its money on DAB+. Radio stations will switch to DAB+ region by region as of January 2017. Mehr »
Switzerland: The radio sector today signed an agreement with the aim of distributing radio stations only digitally, and mainly via DAB+, from 2020 onwards. Mehr »
Switzerland: among the front-runners – some 45 percent of new cars in Switzerland are fitted with digital radio, ranking the country third behind the UK and Norway. Mehr »

DAB+ digital radio close to the two-million mark: as at the end of 2014, there were 1.9 million digital radios in use in Swiss households and vehicles. Mehr »

Switzerland: Car industry preparing for digital radio – at the invitation of Ford Switzerland, in January MCDT ran a DAB+ Power Workshop for the head mechanics at Ford garages.
UK: Major digital radio expansion planned – by Autumn 2016, 182 new transmitters will be set up for local radio stations in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.    Mehr »