8 September 2011

Radio Workshop: Students Build Digital Radios

Around 500 secondary school students (7th to 9th grades) are designing and building their own digital radio in their design & technology classes. In doing so, they are gaining practical knowledge about the radio technology of the future, while also taking a close look at the subject of design. The electronic components are being made available to them free of charge. They can let their imaginations run wild when designing the radio casing, and there will be prizes for the most creative and most ingenious radios.

From the beginning of September 2011, the Radio Workshop will form part of the curriculum for 39 classes in 11 cantons of German-speaking Switzerland. The students will have until the summer holidays in 2012 to build a digital radio and come up with an innovative design. They will be experimenting with shape, materials and techniques, allowing each one of them to design a unique radio casing. While the students have been provided with the electronic components free of charge, teachers are being offered ready-made worksheets for their lessons. These cover a wide variety of asks that go hand-in-hand with the construction of the students' digital radios.

Students and classes can also swap hints and tips out of school via the special Facebook page www.facebook.com/RadiowerkstattCH. Classes are being asked to send in pictures of their self-built radios. A jury will evaluate these creations and award prizes for the best designs.

Digital radio is becoming more and more popular. Around 100,000 digital radios were sold in Switzerland in the first half of 2011 – bringing total sales to some 750,000. The million mark should be reached in 2012. This spring, Radio Argovia, Radio Top, Radio Central, Radio Sunshine and Radio 24 also joined the ranks of digital radio broadcasters. 29 radio stations can now be received digitally in German-speaking Switzerland. Germany is also going digital, with 12 stations available nationally since 1 August. In its first stage of expansion, the German digital radio network reaches 40 million listeners. The restart of digital radio in Germany will support further breakthroughs in digital radio in Switzerland, especially where in-car listening is concerned.

For more information and to download press images: www.mcdt.ch/en/media/, www.digitalradio.ch

For further information, please contact: Ernst Werder, Managing Partner MCDT, Tel. +41 (0)44 366 11 46, ernst.werder@mcdt.ch

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